Thursday, July 25, 2013

Buy them... NOW!

Now available is the Conspiracy of Owls BLACK flexi-disc for "The Lesson."  It is an alternative mono take.  There are some very noticeable differences from the release on their debut album on Burger Records.  This is a co-release with Burger Records and is available on their site as well.  (I actually still have them all in hand). The satin foil on the label is so good looking.  Despite the limited clear version being so hard to get, I prefer the looks of this one.  Get it while you can, there are only 250 copies pressed and each is hand-numbered.  Please only 2 per customer.  Orders over this amount will be refunded.

SOLD OUT... sorry

Also available is the super duper, uber-limited clear flexi-disc with cover.  The cover is my son listening to records at the infamous Burger Records.  The cover came out great and is hand numbered as is the flexi itself.  Limited to 50 copies and bound to go FAST.  Act now!  Please only 1 per customer.  Orders over this amount will be refunded.

SOLD OUT... long gone

And don't forget that you can still get a pin.  The pin is limited to 100 and will never be printed in this color again.  Add it in and save on shipping.  Philthy Phonographic Records thanks you for your interest.

SOLD OUT... new pins soon!

Keep in mind that flexi-discs are temperamental and can have little snap, crackle, and pops here and there.  They can also jump and bump.  Arm-weight and anti-skating settings can also be different on flexi-discs.  But despite all of this I LOVE FLEXIS.  They are fun.  My first flexi was from my dad.  It is a birthday song with my name.  I love Captain Zoom... did you know he lived on the moon?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Got 'em... up by Saturday!

Still have to number them and get the covers finished for the clear version but here is a preview.  They look great.  I think I prefer the look of the black!

Arrives today!

Conspiracy of Owls "The Lesson" alternative mono take Flexi disc 7 inch arrives today.  Expect to be able to buy both the black and clear editions here by Saturday.  Limit of 1 copy of each color per person.  Hope you are as excited as I am!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Be on the lookout!

Some time next week I will have both the black and clear flexis up for sale.  Keep checking back! Don't miss out.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Got an email from the PIRATES PRESS

Sounds like they are done and getting ready to ship.  I am all settled up on my end... so they should be on their way ASAP.  Can't wait to see what they look like!

In talks with Apple Brains and the infamous Andre Williams aka Mr. Rhythm to do flexis.  I am looking into doing a 2 song 7 inch for Conspiracy of Owls (something really cool and limited) and there are a few more surprises that could come together.

Keep updated on the blog!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Have you checked out the Facebook page.  I'm at 71 LIKES... seems kinda low.  I think I'll do something for the person that is the 100th LIKE.  Maybe a they should get a clear, super, duper, uber limited flexi variant with limited edition cover... and a couple of stickers... and a couple of pins... and a smile.

Oh and BURGER RECORDS still has some copies of the flexi left if you are dying to preorder and ensure you get a copy.

Get your friends to LIKE my Facebook page and then talk them out of the clear flexi.  That is what I would probably do.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Burger Records has some preorders up for their part of the records.  Hurry if you wanna ensure you get one, but don't worry I will have some here as well.  I think they might only be preordering the black... but whatever you need every version of this awesomeness!

Here is the spot.  Just trying to be helpful!