Thursday, November 26, 2015

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ralph Steadman 7 inch ON SALE Saturday Aug. 15th

Ralph Steadman's "The Man Who Woke Up In The Dark" 7 inch will go on sale next Saturday, August 15th at 12:00 pm PST.
For more info and pics go to: 
The official release will consist of:
The red opaque version (RALPH RED) which is limited to 200 copies.
The clear red w/black splatter version (STEADMAN SPLATTER) which is limited to 75 copies.
The art edition (clear vinyl with ripped/torn up pieces of Steadman art in the record) which is limited to 25 numbered copies (original silkscreened cover and signed by Ralph Steadman on the back).
NOTE: This was created as an experimental art record and should be treated as just that... Art. Due to the variation in thickness of the art used, paper may and will be exposed on the surface of the record. Some records may not play well or barely at all.
Also available will be the completest set. Approximately 5 sets of these will be available. These will include 1 of each official release, a unique to the buyer test pressing, and the much publicized custom record by the vinyl gurus (and me!!) at Gotta Groove Records. This custom record will come with a variant silkscreened cover and will be signed on the back by Ralph Steadman.

Check out some recent press:   

There will also be a super sale on Pujol and Elvis Christ flexis!
Some back catalog records such as Colleen Green's release may find its way to the site as well (I think there may be a few of both opaque green and half green/half black left)
Don't miss out! This sale is bringing not only record collectors in search or some cool stuff, but Ralph Steadman collectors as well.
See you next Saturday the 15th!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ralph Steadman is COMING!

The announcement for the Ralph Steadman "The Man Who Woke Up In The Dark" 7 inch release on Philthy Phonographic Records will come the week of August 2nd, so keep updating here and on Facebook.

There are 3 official 7 inch records that will be available for this release.
The opaque red is limited to 200.
The clear red with black splatter is limited to 75.
The art edition (clear vinyl with pieces of Steadman art cut/torn up in it, signed by Ralph Steadman with an original silkscreened cover) is limited to 25.

There will also be a few test pressings and possibly some custom pressed vinyl available too.

Some older releases and possible rarities may or may not find their way into sale as well.

Check out Philthy Phonographic Records on Facebook for pictures and up to date information.

Thanks for looking!