Saturday, January 12, 2013

Baby steps

Just spoke to the son of the LEGEND.  There seems to be some interest which would be great.  I can't imagine that this man could be my first release.  Beyond expectations!  Keep checking back my friends.  I'll keep you informed.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A legend

I am suppose to have a phone call with someone that I can only call a LEGEND about a possible release on my DIY, upcoming label.  I hope we can work something out.  This could be spectacular!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The first release CONTINUES

Got an email from the band yesterday with some input.  Very cool to get an email with this name as who it is from.  It is kind of surreal.  He gave some some ideas about cover, how he'd love it to be a co-release with BURGER RECORDS, and some other formalities.  This is spectacular and can't happen fast enough if you ask me.

Friday, January 4, 2013

The first release!

Philthy Phonographic's (PHIL 001) first release is in motion.  I've been in talks with the infamous Burger Records to co-release it with me.  I think I'd like to do the first release as a one-sided flexi-disc with a color cover.  I love flexis, but am always disappointed they don't have a cover to go with them.  Since this is my baby, I get to do what I want.  I'm thinking a hand-numbered limited edition of 250 black flexis.  I have a band that has already sent me songs, but that is still a secret.  Sorry.  I will let you know that they are mono alternate versions from their debut album, which is SPECTACULAR and out of print despite being repressed 4 and 5 times.  I am very excited about this and will keep you informed and we get closer to pre-order.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Best of 2012

This is my favorite vinyl and cassette releases to come out this year.  These are in no particular order.
Some of these are already sold out, or out of print, and/or hard to find so good luck!

Dozen Favorite LPs
Full lengths

Jeff the Brotherhood Hypnotic Nights on Infinity Cat / WB
Ty Segall Twins on Drag City
Jack white Blunderbuss on Third Man
Black keys El Camino on Nonesuch
Velvet Underground tribute V/A on Castle Face
King Tuff S/T on Sub Pop
Gap Dream S/T on Burger
Gentlemen Jesse Leaving Atlanta on Douchemaster
Heavy Cream Super Treatment on Infinity Cat
Audacity Mellow Cruisers on Burger
Natural Child For Love of the Game on Burger
Skyblazer Album on Infinity Cat

Half-dozen 45s
Singles/7 inches

Boogaloosa Prayer/ Ultra S/Cs split on Danger limited / Grimtale
Gap Dream Generator on Suicide Squeeze
King Tuff Wild Desire on Suicide Squeeze
Fuzz This Time I Got a Reason on Trouble in Mind
Nones Defecating Grey on Hozac
Nobunny maximumrocknroll on Goner

Cassette Tapes

See ALL Burger Records releases
Dum Dum Girls / Crocodiles split on DREAM
Witch Die Fehol Ritzhausen Kassette on Who Can You Trust? Records (I think that came out this year!?)