Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Go the the PHILTHY STORE now.

The Gap Dreams are almost gone for good.  There are only a handful of the green copies left.  After that you'll have to track down Gap Dream at a show or do the eBay thing.

The Apple Brains covers are slowly disappearing as well.  Don't miss out on this unique cover show Apple Brains live with Wonder Worm (aka King Tuff) shredding on guitar on Apple X3.

Here is Mr. Apple Brains himself with his hand-drawn copy.  You can tell he had his apple for the day!

And here's the inside of a recently ordered copy.  The customer requested a drawing from the artist-in-residence... who decided the apple was dancing thus needed a top hat and cane.  This is an instant collectable people.  Don't let this pass you by.  Request away!

Buy a Christmas present or 5 for the record collector in your family.

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