Saturday, February 2, 2013

Onward and upward

Have been in conversations with said Detroit legend (oops, did i add too much), but it's been a week or so.  My Burger/Philthy co-release is off and running!  Burger is all for it, but with putting out a tape a month for the entire month of January, Burgerrama coming up, and SXSW those dudes are busy as hell.  They gave me their blessing to run with the release.  Here are a couple of hints:  1)  Burger released their album.  2)  Members of the band used to be in another band, of which Burger has released music for.  3)  The first release will be MONO alternative takes/mixes of tracks from their album.

This is going to be a super-limited, one song flexi-disc, but I like presentation... so I'm still thinking artwork is necessary.  Despite being a flexi, and most not being released with any sleeve, art, etc... I am thinking some sort of sleeve with artwork, hand-numbered, etc.

I think I have the art chosen.  Working on fonts, etc.  Keep checking back.  I think by the end of
February I can give you ALL the details.

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