Friday, March 22, 2013

Pirate's Press

So I'm doing the flexi through Pirate's Press.  Working on the label design right now.  I'm thinking black flexi with silver metallic foil.  It'll be a one song flexi-disc and hopefully will be up for preorder by the end of the month.  Heading off to Burgerama II tonight and will work a few details out with the Burger boys if they have a minute or two, but based on their non-stop life since SXSW I'm sure they are exhausted.  There are also a few bands I'd like to talk to.  One being the band I initially approached about a release and continue to keep in touch with hoping they'll send me a track.  Thanks to those who keep checking my site and being patient with my blabbering.  I promise the reveal will be worth it.

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