Wednesday, April 17, 2013

PHIL001 and BRGR478

Have most of the paper work filled out with Pirate's Press, the song in AIFF format, and all the catalog numbers ready.  Working on the template for the "label" which will be done in silver foil for the flexi.  Then it's off to be printed.  Looks like I'm doing a limited run of 250 black flexis with satin silver foil printing and a super-limited test press version of 50 copies (still thinking about how to release that one). For the people who check the blog here's your early bird heads up!  The first release is going to be an alternative mono take from CONSPIRACY OF OWLS!  I emailed back and forth between BobbY Harlow (I couldn't believe it) and we decided to release something as a split with the rad boys at BURGER!  The secret now is the song... My favorite cut from the album.

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