Thursday, June 20, 2013

Having fun.

I had to make this record stand out from the black, unmarked flexi it came as.  I could barely see it on my slipmat.  I used a silver paint pen to add a PHILTHY PHONO stamp and number to it.  The 5 test pressings all include everything seen here in the pictures, the only differences are the numbers obviously.

 Added a stamped sleeve, sticker, and a typed strip of paper (by me on my old Royal) to give it a unique quality.

Couldn't get the damn photo to rotate, but this is the label I added to the jacket with the details about the test pressing.  Each one is hand-numbered as well.

Another unrotated photo.  This is the typed strip of paper.  It says "this is a test pressing for conspiracy of owls 'the lesson'"

Took a test pressing (#3 of 5, if you want to get technical) to Burger Records last night on my way to see FUZZ (my 2nd time seeing them, and they continue to amaze) play in Long Beach.  Sat around and gave it a spin with Sean, Lee, and Gabe (of Gap Dream!!).  They were all blown away and how good it sounded.  I was too.  I obviously should have turned up the amp on my first spin.  Now waited to hear from Bobby Harlow and then we are a go.  This is so much fun!

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